Whitening Injection

What are whitening injections?

The Glutathione Injection has become widely revered as a miracle worker for skin whitening. It is rumored to be how famous celebrities from the East and the West, including Korean singer IU and superstar Beyonce achieved their ‘fair’ appearance. Although we believe all skin tones and colors to be absolutely gorgeous in their own right, many people have sought ways to achieve a fairer complexion due to certain beauty standards that still remain today. Due to the heavy pressures of certain societies, there are many dangerous routes that individuals go down to achieve a fairer complexion. Thankfully, at Renovo Skin Clinic, we have completely safe and dermatologically tested procedures and treatments that can help those who are looking for a brighter look. Rather than focusing on the ‘whitening’ aspect, we believe in using brightening techniques to even out areas of darkness that may have occurred due to aging, environmental factors, or skin damage. Through this brightening of discoloration and the process of evening out the skin tone, it leads to a more even and glowy appearance, and many a time can lead to a brighter or fairer appearance too. 

Presently, skin brightening injections, known as Glutathione, are the most sought-after technique to safely achieve brighter and healthier skin. Skin injections use Glutathione to offer skin-lightening effects and to combat (some) physical manifestations of aging, including hyperpigmentation, dull skin, wrinkles, and age spots. Additionally, anecdotal results support the above-stated claims and state that Glutathione may offer to alleviate one’s skin pigmentation two or three shades lighter.

What is Glutathione?

Many individuals know Glutathione as a product to aid skin lightening or whitening, but, scientifically speaking, Glutathione is an antioxidant produced by cells in our bodies and has three molecules referred to as amino acids: glutamine, glycine, and cysteine. The function of Glutathione in the body is to (a) help make DNA; (b) support the immune system and its function; (c) form sperm cells (in males); (d) break down free radicals, (e) aid specific enzymes to function; (f) help the liver and gallbladder to deal with fats; (g) assist cell death (apoptosis); (h) transport mercury out of the brain, and; (i) help regenerate vitamins C and E. However, over time, the production of Glutathione naturally reduces due to factors involving poor nutrition, extrinsic factors, stress, and environmental toxins. Thus, the innate quality of Glutathione (as a medical treatment) is to aid in specific and chronic disorders, including insulin sensitivity mitigation, heart disease prevention, and cell damage (liver) reduction.              

However, due to further research, doctors have found its anti-melanogenic characteristics and thus proposed it as a skin-lightening modality. In other words, after a scientific breakthrough, Glutathione was found to help make the skin brighter and lighter, for it targets the melanocytes in our body, which are pigment-forming cells that give color to our skin. As a result, many dermatologists administer Glutathione to treat hyperpigmentation through skin rejuvenation. 

How does it work?

Over time, our body gradually ceases to perform as it used to when we were younger. Consequently, many cells, proteins, and systems in our body reduce their production and regeneration, leading to age spots, hyperpigmentation, skin laxity, and many more. Additionally, many individuals aim to look fairer and two shades lighter than their actual skin pigmentation for personal reasons. Thus, many individuals ask for help in aesthetic clinics for skin whitening, lifting, and rejuvenating modalities. 

The most famous skin whitening treatment is Glutathione skin injections that doctors administer intravenously (through one’s vein). According to research studies, this mode is more efficient than topical and oral treatment for treating the full body. Glutathione targets melanocytes throughout the body and makes the skin appear lighter and brighter. Additionally, it targets wrinkles, age spots, hyperpigmentation, dull spots, and blemishes, although its forte is skin brightening and evening. 

Targets of Glutathione

  • Melanocytes
  • Methylmercury (mercury)
  • DNA
  • Immune System
  • Specific enzymes
  • Apoptosis (cell death)
  • Vitamins C and E
  • Liver and gallbladder
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Dull spots
  • Wrinkles (mild)
  • Fine lines (mild)


  • Skin brightening
  • Evening out discoloration
  • Skin rejuvenation
  • Heart disease prevention
  • Cancer progression prevention
  • Cell damage reduction in liver
  • Improved insulin sensitivity

Clinical Studies

In a clinical trial testing the efficacy of Glutathione on anti-aging and anti-melanogenic effects, results have shown positive results. According to the data, Glutathione, through oral treatment, in both reduced and oxidized forms, showed significant changes in skin properties, including skin whitening, wrinkle reduction, and elasticity increase. 

Similarly, another clinical trial tested the effect of Glutathione on skin color and other related skin conditions, and the study showed positive results on the potential of Glutathione in the above-stated field. According to the results, Glutathione administered through topical and oral modalities proved that it can significantly brighten the skin pigment of patients. It also manifested improvements in other skin issues, such as skin wrinkles, elasticity, age spots, and UV spots.


Skin whitening is an excellent treatment to help make your skin two to three shades lighter if you have brown skin or if your pigment is caused by sun exposure and damage. However, the efficacy depends on the modality you will use. At the Renovo Skin Clinic, we offer Glutathione skin whitening injections because clinical trials show that intravenous administration is the best among the three. However, you must consult with a board-certified dermatologist or our own before undergoing this kind of treatment due to allergy and health reasons. It is to ensure that no present factors will hinder you from getting one, including chronic diseases, skin allergies, pregnancy, breastfeeding, and more. You may opt to check with your dermatologist first, but we will still evaluate you before proceeding with the treatment so that we may assess your condition, guide you through the procedure, and remind you of the aftercare. Also, if you want to achieve optimum results, the doctor may suggest that you integrate other brightening treatments with the Glutathione injection. We highly suggest combining further brightening treatments like lasers and peels to complement the effects of the Glutathione injection. 

The treatment’s frequency depends on the recommendation of the doctor and your skin pigment because it works differently for others. Additionally, the session lasts thirty to ninety minutes, so we advise that you use your phone for entertainment while waiting. After the treatment, you may experience some minimal discomfort in the injected area but fear not because it will immediately subside within the day. 

If you have further questions regarding our skin whitening injections, you may contact us at [email protected] for online consultation. We will walk you through it, guide you through every step, and treat you like royalty, as you deserve. Remember – at Renovo, you can restart, recover and be reborn.

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