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What is the Best Non-Surgical V-line Treatment for you?

Why Does Skin Sag and Lose firmness?

Our skin naturally sags and loses firmness as we age because our bodies have limitations too. The body undergoes physiological changes that happen during our lifetime. As a result, the cells in our body slow down their production with continuous decline over time, and these changes manifest physically. These physical manifestations include enlargement of pores, prominent wrinkles and expression lines, skin sagging, and pigmentation. Moreover, extrinsic aging caused by environmental factors, such as pollution, stressors, poor nutrition, alcohol, and sun damage, can contribute to the natural aging process. Anything and everything around us can cause us to age faster. 

Each of us experiences intrinsic and extrinsic aging, but it varies per person, depending on the environment and the countermeasures used to delay this. Fortunately, due to Korea’s state-of-the-art technology, we can delay early signs of aging through various treatments. 


What is the Difference Between a Contour Shot and Botox?


Botulinum Toxin A, commonly known as Botox, is an injection that penetrates the tissues of specific muscles with prominent movement. As a result, the injected substance will scatter into the tissues.  Then, it releases acetylcholine in the muscular junction, allowing your muscles to become more relaxed. It does this by blocking specific chemical signals in the muscle-triggering nerves to help them relax and prevent them from contracting temporarily. Thus, after Botox, people who once had fine lines and wrinkles in areas with overactive muscle movement (such as the forehead and frown lines), will no longer be able to create these creases with the reduced muscle movement. This gives a strong anti-aging effect and prevents the deepening or formation of static wrinkles (permanent wrinkles that are visible even without facial movement). This procedure will leave you with a smoother and more youthful appearance. 
Botox is also used commonly in the jaw muscle (masseter muscle) to give a slimmer and more lifted appearance to the overall face shape and jawline. As an overactive jaw muscle may become large, Botox is able to relax the muscle and reduce and slim down its size, creating this slimmer and more defined look. 

Botox is an FDA-approved cosmetological procedure that temporarily treats physical manifestations of aging, such as fine lines, wrinkles, expression lines, forehead lines, nasolabial folds, jowls, and crowfeet. Botox is a neuroprotein produced by Clostridium botulinum.  Furthermore, only botulinum types A and B are clinically used to treat medical problems in the dermatological field. Renovo Skin Clinic only uses government-approved botox, domestic and imported. For this treatment, the doctor advises the administration of a topical numbing cream to avoid discomfort throughout the procedure.

Contour Shot

Contour shots are fat-dissolving injections that remove fat in many areas, including the double chin, abdomen, thighs, and arms. They are also non-surgical and non-invasive. Thus, this procedure is a superb alternative to traditional fat removal (liposuction), which has more risks, downtime, and difficult recovery. 

At Renovo Skin Clinic, our Doctor, Dr. Kim, developed his own mixture that works faster than other fat-dissolving injections, known as SlimXShots (Contour Shots). Since the Contour shots remove fats in desired areas, they will give you the V-line facial appearance you aspire for a slimmer, tauter, and plumper look. 

Once the Contour shots are delivered in the desired areas, they will help break down the bonds responsible for the solid form of fat cells. Then, the broken-down fat cells will leave the body through natural processes, such as excretion, sweat, and breath. Thus, the doctor strongly advises anyone undergoing this procedure to hydrate themselves and avoid alcohol. 

If you want to remove excess fat in specific areas of your body, have no downtime, and are looking for something non-surgical and non-invasive for a slimmer facial appearance, you may opt for the Contour shot. However, suppose you want to slim your face without removing any natural properties in the body, and are looking for something with no downtime and is minimally invasive. In that case, you may opt for the B treatment. In conclusion, both options are great alternatives to surgical liposuction

How does non-surgical V-line work?

The V-line treatment is a non-surgical and non-invasive procedure that helps you achieve a slimmer, tighter, and more defined jawline with an illusion of a sharper chin. It is appropriate for individuals with a double chin, jowls, and an undefined jawline due to excess fat, and sagging due to heavy fat deposits. Additionally, the treatment is safe for all skin colors and types. Nevertheless, we ensure that you undergo a facial skin analysis and a face-to-face consultation with skin specialists and our board-certified dermatologist to assess your skin condition and its severity before proceeding with the treatment. This process would allow us to determine the appropriate treatment for you and the lifting treatments you may incorporate for the best results. 

There is a multitude of different Non-Surgical V-Line Treatments you can try, such as thread lifting, dermal fillers, or laser treatments. Although all of these treatments are geared towards the same goal, the doctor will be able to make the correct recommendation based on your particular case. The skin lifting procedures we offer at Renovo Skin Clinic will give you the V-line appearance you desire are the V-lift Laser, Botox, HIFU, Inofill, Threadlift, Cell Core Egg Lifting Device, and many more. 

Our non-surgical V-line treatments help tighten the specific areas with skin laxity and stimulate the body’s regenerative properties responsible for maintaining our healthy and firm skin appearance. They can also mean fat reduction procedures to reduce the amount of fat that might contribute to sagging. 

Benefits of Contour Shot

  • Reduced facial fats
  • Reduced appearance of skin laxity
  • Slimmer appearance
  • Minimal downtime
  • Non-surgical and non-invasive


Benefits of Botox

  • Reduced eyebrow lines
  • Reduced fine lines and expression lines
  • Reduced sweating (Hyperhidrosis) 
  • Reduced pore prominence
  • Reduced appearance of skin laxity
  • Tauter and plumper skin appearance
  • No downtime
  • Non-surgical and minimally invasive


Other details for Non-surgical V-line

Non-surgical treatments for a V-line appearance are relatively low pain, as reviewed by our frequent clients. Thus, they are an outstanding alternative for surgical facelifts since they have minimal to no downtime and fewer risks. However, some procedures may cause a stinging sensation or slight discomfort, so the doctor sometimes administers topical numbing creams. The frequency of the treatments depends on your current state of sagging and the amount of excess fat, which the doctor can advise you on.  Generally, doctors recommend three to five sessions for skin lifting or fat reduction treatments, but some clients found one session to be sufficient. Furthermore, you may see immediate results after your session, but you may need to wait three weeks to a month for the best results. 

Additionally, non-surgical skin lifting treatments are temporary and will not achieve what surgical facelifts can. Thus, you must think of non-surgical skin lifting as something to slow down the aging process and therefore delay the need for more drastic or surgical options.  They are also great for those who do not want surgeries and are on a budget constraint since they are significantly cheaper but offer some good results. 



In conclusion, if you are one of those people suffering from the physical manifestations of aging, you may want to consider doing non-surgical V-line treatments. It is also suitable for those with budget constraints, those who have a fear of surgical treatments, and those who have a busy schedule. . They are non-surgical, minimally invasive, cheaper than surgery, have much fewer risks, have a much more predictable outcome, and have no downtime. Moreover, skin lifting treatments for a V-line appearance at the Renovo Skin Clinic are clinically researched, proven, and recommended. Thus, there is no need to have worries, considering our board-certified doctor oversees and personally administers all procedures. 

If you have further questions regarding our V-line treatments, you may contact us at [email protected] for online consultation. You may also visit us at Renovo Skin Clinic. We will walk you through it, guide you through every step, and treat you like royalty, as you deserve. Remember – at Renovo, you can restart, recover and be reborn. 

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