Pigmentation Laser

EXCEL V -min

Types of Treatment


KTP Laser, effective for blood vessels close to epidermis and pigmented lesions

-Blood Vessels

Long pulse ND: Yag Laser, effective for any deep, thick and blue blood vessels that show through the skin. Also, improves pigmented lesions.

-Skin Elasticity

Genesis Laser, 1064 nm wavelength is divided into units of microsecond to focus on rejuvenating the skin.


  1. Facial Scan and Full Diagnosis

Your face will be scanned with the S-RAY machine of Renovo Skin Clinic and give you a full diagnosis of your condition.

  1. Preparation and Numbing Cream

Once your treatment plan is ready, our staff will gently cleanse your skin to ensure safety and preparation for the Pigmentation Laser treatment. A numbing cream is applied for 20 minutes to take away any moderate pain of the laser and make sure you are comfortable during the procedure. Thin plastic is used to maximize the effect.

  1. Gel Application

A conductive gel is applied which gives protection and maximize the laser’s effects.

  1. Pigmentation Laser Treatment

The Pigmentation Laser Laser uses different wavelengths to deliver pulses of light energy. This leads to blood coagulation and proper redirection of blood flow.

  1. Rejuvenation Treatment and Healing Mask

Oat extract is applied to further rejuvenate and heal the skin. Then, a healing mask is applied after the treatment for about 10-15 minutes. Redness goes down immediately after the treatment  (it does, however, depend on the sensitivity of your skin).

To see the actual process of Pigmentation Laser at Renovo Skin Clinic, please watch:

Details of the Procedure

  • Treatment time: 10-20 minutes
  • Anesthesia: Not Required
  • Recovery time: Not Required
  • Results: Gradual Improvements are Shown
  • Benefits

Freckles and Blemishes

  • Facial Redness
  • Red Acne Scars
  • Wide Pores
  • Fine Wrinkles and Elasticity
  • Rosacea
  • Sun Spots
  • Skin Toning
  • Acne Breakouts
  • Effects of Hair Removal

Possible Reactions and Precautions 

-Do not rub or scratch the treatment areas

          Redness and scabs may form due to rubs or scratches.

-Avoid vitamin creams and serums for about 5 days.

          Blood vessels may be invisible in the treatment areas. Discoloration and bruising can also occur depending on the patient.

-Use cooling masks to keep the temperature of the skin low. Avoid exposure to UV rays and apply sunscreen for outdoor activities.

          Slight redness and bruising may occur when your skin temperature increases. Avoiding UV rays and applying sunscreen will also prevent freckles from forming. This includes places of high temperature such as Jjimjilbang (Korean dry sauna).

-Do not apply pressure on the acne. Keep them hydrated using creams and cooling face masks.

          Pustular acne and discoloration may occur when too much pressure is applied after the procedure.

-Avoid smoking and drinking after the procedure.

          Redness and slight swelling may occur. Smoking and drinking will slow the overall healing process.

Before & After 

Before and After 111-min

To see an actual process of Excel V on one of our patients, please watch: