IPL Skin Treatment

IPL Treatment In Korea


IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) consists of a variety of wavelengths that are more scattered and less focused than a laser which focuses a single wavelength of light onto the skin.

IPL is able to treat a variety of skin concerns at once.

This is how it works

IPL light reaches to the dermis (the deep inner layer of the skin) without harming the epidermis. It therefore minimizes damage to your skin. The light energy is converted into heat which is absorbed by the pigment cells. Pigmentation of your skin is then removed by this heat energy. It also destroys the hair follicle to prevent hair growth.

Excellent results are achieved through additional procedures that maximize the effects of IPL. 

IPL can be used on any part of your skin. However, it is not recommended to those who have darker skin tones, light-colored hairs and uneven areas.

A full examination and consultation of your skin condition prior to the procedure is very important. It gives outstanding results to some, while others may benefit more through other procedures.

Applied Areas

Redness may appear, but it is temporary.

Avoid Sauna and Jjimjilbang(Korean Dry Sauna) for about 3-5 days after the procedure.

Do not use a face scrub in between your sessions.

Apply sunscreen before you leave your house. Wear a hat or carry a parasol to avoid UV rays.

Make sure to increase your intake of Vitamin C.