BB Laser

BB Laser is the latest technology of laser facial rejuvenation.

It is used to:

-Remove red spots

-Diffuse redness

-Open pores to treat acne

-Even out skin tones

-Stimulates collagen growth to eliminate wrinkles

-1927 nm wavelength of Thulium Laser, also known as BB Laser, is used for this specific procedure. It is called BB Laser because your skin appears as if you are wearing a BB cream after the procedure.

  • Our staff will thoroughly cleanse your face and apply a topical anesthetic.
  • The anesthetic cream is removed after 20 minutes.
  • The doctor treats your skin with the BB Laser.
  • A healing mask is applied to your skin on a mesh.
  • The healing mask is removed after 15 minutes.
  • We cleanse your face once more to apply a cooling mask using strips.
  • Finally, sunscreen is applied before you leave the clinic.


  • Visible results immediately after the treatment
  • Improvement of intractable pigmentation (which is difficult to remove through IPL and Laser Toning)
  • Whitening of the overall skin tone
  • One treatment necessary for pore and wrinkle tightening
  • Relatively short recovery time compared to the ordinary fractional laser

Post-Treatment and Precautions

Reactions After Treatment

-Slight redness and stretching may occur but will subside.

-Dryness may be experienced (chemical peels are recommended to prevent dryness before any laser treatments).

-Exfoliation of dead skin may occur.

-Sunlight must be avoided post-treatment.


-Apply ice pack to cool down any area where redness does not subside.

-Keep your skin hydrated through applying moisturizing rejuvenation creams.

-Avoid cleansing your face on the day of the treatment.

-Do not use face scrub; allow the skin to exfoliate naturally.

-Apply sunscreen every 2-3 hours.

-Avoid the sauna, swimming, and any form of intense exercise.

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