Renovo Skin Clinic 

  1.  We make accurate observations and prescribe treatments personalized for every individual with our experience in countless clinical demonstrations. Also, the S-RAY Skin Diagnosis System is designed to plan an accurate, personalized procedure and determine the correct, fixed quantity of the materials used for the fundamental solution.
  1.   The treatments are handled by our most experienced, certified doctor. Doctor Kim holds regular seminars and attends both domestic and international conferences, sharing their knowledge and techniques to constantly improve and develop advanced skin care treatments. Furthermore, our doctor additionally provides training for other doctors from various hospitals to develop and benefit as a community.
  1.   We offer a Personal Helper/Butler to take care of you through the entire process in English. In addition, an after-care treatment pack of face masks, rejuvenation creams and more are given for your home-care process.
  1.  We provide a variety of treatments to suit your needs from our One Day Package to sophisticated skin treatments using a highly technological machine. Read the following steps to get what you want:

Send us your date of birth and brief information on what you wish to improve with photos attached for a more detailed response. We provide an Online Consultation free of charge.

Book your procedure at our clinic by selecting the date and time.

Visit us on your booked day and our international department staff will take care of you every step of the way to ensure you get the best treatment possible.