Body Sculpting / Body Contouring 

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Fat accumulates in places which can be difficult to remove even with exercise. We offer non-surgical treatments such as non-surgical liposuction injections and other slimming treatments which reduce or eliminate fat cells.

This body contouring procedure can be done in various areas such as the upper arms, chest, thighs and the torso. It is also carried out after a great amount of weight loss as genetics predispose particular body parts to store more fat than other.

This applies to everyone, including those who have a healthy weight and have frequent workouts. The most popular procedure is calf reduction for a more beautiful leg line.

Furthermore, Liposuction, Excess Skin Removal, Non-surgical Laser Toning and Fat Dissolving Injections are also safe and quick procedures commonly done with almost no recovery time needed.


Possible Treatments