PDT Treatment in Korea

PDT of Renovo Skin Clinic employs a photosensitizer to permeate to the desired cells. An irradiative laser of specific wavelength is transferred to your skin to destroy acne germs and sebaceous glands, suppressing acne breakouts.

What is GIVITEL?

Givitel is a type of gel applied to the skin for the PDT treatment. It creates a covering that is both oxygen permeable (allows oxygen to pass) and pathogen-impermeable (does not allow pathogens to come in contact with your skin). A sufficient amount of oxygen is supplied under the covering, allowing accumulation of CLC into your skin. CLC(Chlorophyll-lipoid complex) promotes skin rejuvenation through accumulation in pathogenic bacterium, damaged histiocyte and inflammatory tissue.


Substances of CLC(Chlorophyll-lipoid complex)

-Chlorophyll a – Derivatives of porphyrin; protoporphyrin created around sebaceous glands and active oxygen stimulates to destroy sebaceous gland and acne germs.

-Carotenes, Lipids and Fatty Acids – Protects cell membrane and prevents recurrence of acne.

-Proteins – Produces antibodies to develop immunity and creates semipermeable covering.

-Ethanol – Creates bactericidal action around acne and creates effects of sedation and regeneration of cell membrane

Benefits of GIVITEL

-Givitel PDT consists of natural ingredients, ensuring a safe and simple procedure.

-There is also no pigmentation during the procedure, which was a problem when working with  ALA.

-Givitel PDT has made the whole process more convenient; you only have to wait 10-20 minutes for the irradiative laser.

before and after -min


  • -You get fast results.
  • -3-5 treatments lead to no relapse for a year.
  • -Results show that over 90% of inflammatory acne is removed through PDT.
  • -Side effects of tanning, skin troubles, edema, and pigmentation are almost non-existent.
  • -PDT treatment soothes your skin.
  • -Results last for 6-12 months.


  • -Inflammation will fade within 1-2 weeks.
  • -You can immediately return to your daily activities after application of sunscreen.
  • -Scarring skin lesions is prevented, which is one of the most important aims of PDT.
  • -After PDT treatment, skin regeneration is promoted to ease pigmentation and edema.
  • -The whole procedure is finished within a month (one treatment a week).


At Renovo Skin Clinic, a reasonable price is available compared to the existing acne treatments as the same results are achieved with fewer treatments.

Special Cases

-PDT is effective for patients with antibiotic resistance.

-It is safe enough to be treated to young children and teenagers.

Applied Areas


It may appear as if your acne is getting worse immediately after the procedure, but it is a natural process. The results start to show after this phase.

You have to completely block out UV rays for two days after the treatment. Avoid all outdoor activities.

You may experience a stinging and burning sensation. It is due to a temporary process of treating and healing the sebaceous glands of your skin.

You have to moisturize your skin, because your skin may feel dry and exfoliate after the treatment.