List of the services we offer

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Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal uses intense beams of light which passes through the skin. It reaches every follicle of the hair to inhibit future hair growth.

Most people require 5 sessions along with periodic maintenance. The best results are shown to those who have lighter skin complexion with dark hair. It is possible to undergo the Laser Hair Removal procedure without any numbing cream. However, it is strongly recommended to take the numbing cream to minimize any discomfort.




Renovo Skin Clinic offers advanced injection treatments. 

Besides the normal Botox and Filler procedures, direct radio frequency injections that penetrate deep into the skin super charging collagen regeneration and thermal stimulation. 

It can produce the following results: V-line lifting, Skin tightening, Scar reduction, Stretch mark reduction, Eye-bag correction, Double chin reduction and more. We can also shape your face with contouring treatments. These kinds of procedures are known as Petite Plastic Surgery and are fast and easy ways of getting your desired look without any invasive plastic surgery.

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Petite Plastic Surgery

Everybody has a different way to approach the idea of having the perfect face and body. There are two factors that help us to decide. First of all, there are measurements and statistics to help us plan the treatments you need in order to carry out different procedures for your ideal look. Secondly, your own subjective view must be taken into consideration. This is the most important step to ensure that you are satisfied with the result. 

•There are non-surgical options to changing looks. At Renovo Skin Clinic, we offer a range of treatments that will help achieve the look that you desire.
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Over time, the skin has become a very big part of beauty and beauty standards. Many anti-aging procedures are available at Renovo Skin Clinic. We offer free online consultations to suggest the suitable procedures for your own skin condition.

Non-surgical lifting methods available to restore the elasticity and youth of your skin. There are two the most popular ways to do a non-surgical face lift. Both procedures have a great result and you will see the result after the treatment is complete. 

•Most of the people over their 30th getting their laser non-surgical procedure done, because their skin losing the elasticity. People who are under this age usually get their thread lifting procedure. Thread lifting procedure is good for youth, because it is only remodeling your facial features.
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Pores / Acne Scars

There are a few different types of scars and pores. Some are wide and shallow, while others are deep and narrow. 

At Renovo Skin Clinic, we have several equipments suitable for all skin types. We cancustomizetreatment plans personalized for your skin condition, bringing out the best results through advanced equipments.

Free online consultation is available. Do not hesitate to contact us, We will respond with a possible treatment plan and with answers to all of your questions.

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Body Sculpting / Fat Loss

Fat accumulates in places which can be difficult to remove even with exercise. We offer non-surgical treatments such as non-surgical liposuction injections and other slimming treatments which reduce or eliminate fat cells. 

This body contouring procedure can be done in various areas such as the upper arms, chest, thighs and the torso. It is also carried out after a great amount of weight loss as genetics predispose particular body parts to store more fat than other. This applies to everyone, including those who have a healthy weight and have frequent workouts. The most popular procedure is calf reduction for a more beautiful leg line. Furthermore, Liposuction, Excess Skin Removal, Non-surgical Laser Toning and Fat Dissolving Injections are also safe and quick procedures commonly done with almost no recovery time needed.

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Chemical Peels

Renovo Skin Clinic offers several options for chemical peels. Patients receive peel treatments when they need to remove unnecessary dead skin cells and promote new skin cells to grow in their place. 

Treated with the professional machines and equipmentsat Renovo Skin Clinic, the peels we offer are much stronger than home peels. Our staff will help you get a full diagnosis of your skin condition using our S-RAY machine. The diagnosis will help us decide the overall treatment process (number of sessions you need and time period in between sessions, etc) as it depends on your skin condition. Usually, it is repeated every 1-2 weeks, 4-6 weeks, or every 6 months. A light version of chemical peels before any laser treatment is often recommended to maximize the effects of your laser treatment.  3-14 days after your treatment, your skin will be smoother, brighter and softer.

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Pigmentation / Whitening (Tone)

Skin whitening and brightening procedures give a brighter and healthier look by evening out the skin tone. This applies for most people regardless of their skin complexion.

A single treatment can help along with other procedures, but it is usually recommended to be done multiple times to achieve best results.

Whitening injections can be done with other laser and facial treatments, because it is done through the arm; it does not interfere with other treatments.



Acne Treatment

There are many reasons that cause acne breakouts on your skin including lack of sleep, stress, puberty, or even moving to a new environment.

When there is a change in the body or environment, an overproduction of sebum in the pores can cause an infection that leads to acne.

•At Renovo, we offer a range of treatments that can effectively and quickly heal your skin and get rid of the bacteria that is causing the infections.