Hair Removal

Remove Unwanted Hair Permanently In Korea

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Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal uses intense beams of light which passes through the skin. It reaches every follicle of the hair to inhibit future hair growth.

Most people require 5 sessions along with periodic maintenance. The best results are shown to those who have lighter skin complexion with dark hair. It is possible to undergo the Laser Hair Removal procedure without any numbing cream. However, it is strongly recommended to take the numbing cream to minimize any discomfort.

Hair root has a 3-year growth cycle of two processes (catagenlasting approximately 2-3 weeks and telogenlasting for approximately 3 months). There are generally two factors we consider when removing hair (which also affect the number of sessions): 1) the growth stage of the hairs, and 2) the area of removal.

Only growing hair is treated, which is why most patients receive at least 5 sessions of treatment (with 4-8 weeks in between). It will remove 90-95% of the hair you wish to remove.

Applied Areas

•Arm Pit
•Upper/Lower Arm
•Full Face Male/Female
•Hands and Fingers
•Feet and Toes
•Back of Neck Line
•Forehead Line
•Tummy Line
•Chin or Middle of Forehead or Forehead
•Bikini Line
•Below Breast to Waist
•Breast to Shoulder
•Full Body