Aladdin Peel

Aladdin peel removes any dead skin cells by fractional prickles promoting cellular metabolism to reproduce epidermis, making the skin smoother and brighter.

These fractional prickles consist of coral calcium rich in mineralsMicro-needles are used to penetrate these into the skin epithelial layer. As a result, patients will have rejuvenated skin with elasticity.

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  Aladdin Peel improves...


-Pigmented lesions

-Stretch marks

-Keratosis pilaris (Chicken skin)

-Skin Tone (Whitening)

-Tightening pores


  • Let your skin exfoliate; do not touch or pick on them
  • You can wash your face and wear makeup on the next day
  • Apply sunscreen everyday when you go outside and avoid direct sunlight
  • Use hypoallergenic (mild brand of cosmetics for sensitive skin) cleanser and moisturizing cream, because your skin will be dry and sensitive post-treatment
  • Avoid the sauna and extreme levels of exercise  for 2-3 days

Special Features

Safe-natural ingredients

Renovo Skin clinic uses natural ingredients for this aladdin peel. It is safe and there are no chemical side effects.

Solution for complex skin problems

Aladdin peel can be used to improve pustular and inflammatory acne. It is recommended for those with dry skin to find the proper the oil-and-water balance of your skin.

Highly satisfied

These fractional prickles cause invisible scratches to the naked eye. The skin rejuvenates as it heals and reproduces new, healthy skin cells.

Applied for a variety of indications

Aladdin peel is not only applied on the face. It can be applied on the acne on the back, chest area and arms. Also, it is effective for keratosis pilaris (Chicken skin) for smoother skin.

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