Microcell means “situated or occurring inside a cell(s)”. This treatment employs fractional radio frequency to treat inner layers of the skin. Radio frequency is instantly radiated to the dermal layer to treat acne, acne scars and pores.

Microcell at Renovo Skin Clinic is a type of fraxel treatment that differs from the existing method. Previously, heat energy was only delivered through the epidermis. Microcell , however, directly inserts heat energy into the necessary dermal layer without delivering heat energy across several layers. The Automatic Insertion System, consisting of a gold needle of approximately 49 micro needles, delivers the energy accurately to the skin.

The video on the left shows the process of our patient, Michelle Choi, visiting Renovo Skin Clinic to treat her pores. She additionally got a package treatment with Aqua peel to clean out her pores first in order to maximize the effect of Microcell .

Principles of Microcell

Microcell is recommended…

Frequently Asked Questions

It takes 30 minutes for the numbing cream (which is essential for this procedure) to work. The Microcell treatment approximately 10-15 minutes. The after-care takes around 15 minutes. In total, the whole treatment takes around one hour.

Usually, there is a time gap for about 4 weeks between each treatment. The second treatment only starts once the skin completely recovers from the first treatment. If not, the down- time of your skin generation will extend.

Botox treatment does not interfere with your Microcell treatment. However, we do not recommend getting Microcell after any filler treatment. you can have it whenever you want.


-Avoid intense exercise that makes you sweat.

-Avoid strongly flavored or spicy food.

-Avoid going to a sauna or swimming pool for a week.

-Apply sunscreen everyday after the procedure and avoid direct contact with UV rays.

-Use a moisturizing and rejuvenation cream every morning and night.

-Let dead skins wear off naturally; do not pick on them when they are dry.