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LDM Micro-Massage

What is Local Dynamic Micro-massage (LDM)?

One of the events we look forward to celebrating is our birthday, which occurs annually. However, turning a year older not only entails that we are growing wiser and more mature each year, but it has physical manifestations too. Our body begins to grow weak, and we become more and more in need of visits to dermatologists to help keep us looking and feeling fresh, young, and healthy.  

In addition, aging a year older means that we no longer move the way we used to and we no longer look like our younger selves. Aging is a natural process that no one can hinder. We slowly fall into the trap of feeling inadequate or unhappy, and as time passes, their physical manifestations are etched onto our faces, and fine lines and wrinkles become more prominent. Subsequently, our skin begins to sag as the face loses protein and fats. It is due to the body gradually slowing down the production of elastin, collagen, and fiber. Furthermore, extrinsic factors can exacerbate the physical manifestations of aging, which oftentimes, we have no control over. 

Fortunately, due to the rising demand for individuals to appear younger and delay the physical indications of aging, non-surgical and non-invasive procedures are studied, tried, and tested, one of which is the Local Dynamic Micro-massage (LDM). 

Local Dynamic Micro-massage (LDM) is a treatment offered in varying aesthetic clinics to aid your skin laxity issues. It uses a rapid ultrasound dual-frequency going about one hundred to one thousand times per second, creating oscillations upon coming into contact with the skin’s surface. As a result, this micro-massage stimulates the natural regenerative production of collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid, and fibers within the body. Additionally, the energy transmitted via the device reaches even the deepest layers of the subcutaneous skin tissues. Hence, the skin appears tauter, firmer, and smoother.


How does it work?

Before undergoing any procedure at Renovo Skin Clinic, especially facial skin treatments, rest assured that we will guide you every step of the way. First, we will escort you to one of our facial analysis machines to know the in-depth condition of your skin and its most pressing issues. With this, we can even see the deeper layers of the skin, sun damage, and other categories that need treatment. Additionally, we can determine the appropriate treatment or treatments you must undergo with your session. If you meet the conditions to proceed with the LDM facial, we will advance toward the dermatologist’s room for a second consultation. Since the LDM facial is a gentle procedure, you may incorporate other facial treatments, such as our premium resurfacing laser, the Venus Viva. So, there are chances that the doctor will suggest or recommend other facial treatments for your skin condition to complement the effects of the LDM. Again, this solely depends on your skin condition and its severity. Although the final call is up to you, we would highly recommend following the doctor’s recommendation as their years of experience will allow them to make the right decisions for your particular case.  Also, the doctor will guide you through the procedure and remind you of the aftercare precautions in the second consultation. Once you are happy with your treatment plan, you may proceed to one of our relaxing treatment rooms to start your session. 

First, we thoroughly cleanse the skin of surface impurities, oils, and makeup. Subsequently, a conductive gel with an aloe-like consistency and texture is lathered onto the entire face to keep it cool and draw in the device’s energy more. Then, the licensed technician will massage the skin’s surface via the LDM device. However, if you wish to combine it with other facial treatments, such as lasers, the LDM facial will come at the latter part of the session to help cool the skin down and regenerate to boost the healing process. After that, we use some LED Light Therapy on the skin to kickstart the cell turnover rate and reduce acne-causing bacteria that may be on the skin’s surface. Afterward, the technician will apply our famous Diatomaceous Cooling Earth Mask, which feels otherworldly – to help absorb the resurfaced impurities and aid in cooling down the skin.  Lastly, the technician will massage the skin with a regenerating cream and sunscreen since the procedure has no downtime. You may use your sunscreen or the one offered at the clinic. 

Targets of LDM facial

  • Skin laxity
  • Wrinkles
  • Fine Lines
  • Expression lines
  • Acne (mild)
  • Hyperpigmentation (mild)
  • Nasolabial folds



  • Delayed physical manifestations of aging
  • Skin tightening
  • Reduced appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Even skin tone
  • Non-surgical and non-invasive
  • Stimulates the natural process of regenerating collagen, elastin, fibers, and hyaluronic acid
  • Skin rejuvenation
  • Immediate results
  • Pre and Post-operative treatment


  • Drink plenty of water
  • Apply sunscreen with at least SPF 30+ every time you go outside and re-apply
  • Moisturize well
  • Apply post-treatment creams
  • No sauna or hot baths
  • No alcohol for a week after the treatment
  • Avoid smoking for a few days after the treatment


Clinical Studies

Aesthetic procedures here in South Korea, especially in Seoul, are not offered unless they have undergone clinical trials and have shown positive results. So, doctors and scientists have tested the LDM facials for their efficacy in treating skin laxity and aiding in wound healing. In a study to test the effectiveness and success of dual-frequency ultrasound found in Local Dynamic Massage (LDM), its results generated positive outcomes. The dual-frequency ultrasound in the LDM facial has successfully aided wound healing as a therapeutic tool to prevent wounds from becoming chronic. The wound healing process involves inflammation, granulation tissue formulation, re-epithelization, and remodeling of cells. According to the results, the patients were generally satisfied with the treatment and outcome of their wounds via dual-frequency ultrasound. Therefore, dermatologists suggest LDM facial for pre and post-operative treatments for facelifts and liposuction because it preps the skin and offers aid to wound recovery and reaching optimal healing. 

Similarly, a study was conducted to test if skin massages like the LDM  increase the effects of anti-skin-aging formulation creams. According to the results, it has positive outcomes, and there are significant changes in facial wrinkles, skin texture, neck sagging, cheek wrinkles, and expression lines when used in combination with anti-aging creams. 



The Local Dynamic Micro-massage is a superb alternative for conservative skin tightening treatments as it naturally stimulates the body’s production of collagen, elastin, fibers, and hyaluronic acid to give us that healthy and youthful look. However, like other non-invasive and non-surgical treatments, the LDM is temporary and won’t give you the extensive lift that surgical facelifts do. Nevertheless, this is an appropriate procedure to treat mild to moderate skin laxity to delay the prominent appearance of aging without being invasive or causing any marks or discomfort. The treatment is best suited for individuals in their twenties to late thirties. 

Since the procedure is mild and gentle, you will feel at ease in our treatment rooms throughout treatment. Immediately, you will feel refreshed, rejuvenized, and young.  Although the results are immediate, you should see continued improvement as the collagen and elastin increase over time. The full facial session (with all treatment steps included) may last up to around sixty to ninety minutes unless you incorporate other facial treatments. For best results, you must do the LDM regularly, and some of our clients even have this done weekly (which is safe to do). Additionally, it has no downtime, so you may immediately return to your routine after the procedure. 

If you have further questions regarding the LDM Micro-massage procedure, you may contact us at [email protected] for an online consultation. We will walk you through it, guide you through every step, and treat you like royalty as you deserve. Remember – at Renovo, you can restart, recover and be reborn. 


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