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HIKO Filler in Korea

What is a Nose Filler?

         When you see a person, you automatically gauge their facial features, be it the eyes, nose, mouth, or eyebrows, and some people find individuals with sharp facial features alluring. However, many individuals were not gifted with the privilege of having tall and prominent nose bridges, which help define their facial features and bone structures. Although some people find small and button noses cute, some perceive them as less aesthetically pleasing, especially among Southeast Asian women. With this, rhinoplasty became famous and popular, especially among global artists. Rhinoplasty is a surgical nose job that enhances the nose by inputting medical-grade materials inside to form the illusion of a higher and more prominent nose bridge. Ideally, people would want to augment their features, especially if they deem someone more beautiful than them because of a sharper nose tip and a higher nose bridge. Thus, it leads to an increase in nose job demand. However, some still find it too invasive, expensive, and risky, considering that traditional nose jobs are surgical. With this, nose fillers and lifts became a thing; because imagine acquiring that extra lift on your nose bridge and a sharper facade on the nose tip without undergoing possibly harmful surgeries? Marvelous, indeed!

         Nose fillers are non-surgical and reversible hyaluronic acid fillers that are meticulously injected through the nose tip. Also, nose thread lifts, especially in Korea, are clinically tested, recommended, and approved, so you don’t have to worry about complications. However, unlike rhinoplasty, which is permanent, nose thread lifts and nose fillers have shorter longevity, considering nose fillers only last 6 to 12 months, while nose thread lifts are 9 to 12 months but are still less expensive than rhinoplasty.


HIKO Filler

         HIKO filler, commonly known as nose thread lift, is a procedure done and prevalent here in Korea. It is a highly advanced technique founded in Seoul for the beautiful afterlook of rhinoplasty without unnecessary surgery and downtime. HIKO in Korea directly means nose lift because hi refers to high and ko refers to the nose. HIKO is the product of when traditional dermal fillers meet non-surgical threads, and this is a groundbreaking advancement, especially in the field of aesthetics and dermatology.

Many Korean women use Korean artists, such as Song Hye Kyo, as their basis for their nose thread lifts because who wouldn’t want to have the same nose as hers? Through our non-surgical nose enhancement, HIKO filler, this is wonderfully possible. Also, unlike the traditional nose filler procedure, HIKO filler is hundred percent bio-compatible with the body’s components, which means it would naturally dissolve over time after reaching its peak. Moreover, HIKO fillers give the illusion of a slim nose, unlike nose fillers that broaden and spread out, which could happen over time. Not only that, but it also has lasting results compared to nose fillers. 

How does it work?

When injected through the nose tip, the threads will act as a support system to give off that nice contour, shape, and height to the nose bridge. Additionally, it has immediate effects, for you will see the lift right after the procedure. However, the type of threads utilized solely depends on the height and overall look of the nose you desire. For a sharper nose tip look, the threads will be inserted into the nasal tip precisely to achieve the desired height and nose tip sharpness. Also, the thread will be inserted continuously in only one point of the nose tip until it has reached the desired changes, so rest assured that there are no unnecessary cuts made throughout the procedure. As stated before, this is non-surgical. 


         Here at Renovo Skin Clinic, if you wish to undergo the HIKO filler, you must be first thoroughly assessed to ensure that nothing will hinder or complicate your procedure. Also, you may incorporate other facial treatments with your HIKO Filler, especially if the dermatologist recommends it. So, if you wish to proceed as suggested, the technician will advise you to have your face checked in our Skin Analysis Machine first. This procedure will examine your skin condition and propose other facial treatments suited for your skin condition after the prognosis. Afterward, someone will escort you to the dermatologist’s room for a second consultation. Here, they will walk you through the procedure, guide you on everything you need to know about the HIKO filler, and advise you to take other facial treatments you need, if necessary. They will also personally assess the current shape of your nose and gather the specific details they need before the procedure. Should you be recommended facial treatments other than the HIKO filler treatment, you will undergo those treatments first, considering that only licensed and registered plastic surgeons administer the HIKO filler treatment for your assurance and safety. 

         For the procedure, a stuffed animal is given to the patient to help calm them down and their pre-treatment anxiety so that there are no unnecessary movements during the treatment. Subsequently, the technician will disinfect the entire face with alcohol for sanitary purposes. Then, the doctor will inject local anesthetics into the nose tip, nose bridge, and septum to ensure that you will not feel any pain or discomfort throughout the procedure since HIKO filler involves the continuous insertion of the needles in one single point with precision. Once the nose has numbed, the doctor will pinch the nose softly towards the desired height and shape before inserting the threads through the nose tip towards the nose bridge, right under the soft tissue of the nose. You have to note that four to eight threads are inserted, depending on the needs of the patients and their case, to achieve their desired height and look. Additionally, if the patient wants an increase in the tip projection, the threads are also inserted through the nasal tip and columella. 


  • A higher nose bridge
  • A slimmer illusion of the overall look of the nose
  • A sharper nose tip
  • A sharper and more defined nose bridge
  • A straighter nose bridge


  • No smoking
  • No alcohol
  • You may wear up makeup afterward
  • Post-treatment creams for any facial treatments you underwent
  • Drink more water 
  • Always wear sunscreen of at least SPF 30+ and reapply
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