Ultrafocus Lux System

If you are against having incisional surgeries..

There are different options for non-surgical body elimination. The Ultrafocus Lux System is a newer equipment designed to improve the results of painlessly removing fat cells. Prior machines used a freezing method to remove fat. Unfortunately, the process was painful and it extended the recovery time.

The results of this non-surgical procedure, however, cannot be compared to surgical procedures such as liposuction. Therefore, we recommend taking the surgical route if you want the best possible outcome. Free consultation is available and you should consider the Ultrafocus Lux 3System for your non-surgical procedure if a surgical approach is not an option for you.

Ultrafocus 1-min


How it works

Lux System uses intensive ultrasound energy to destroy the homogeneous layers of fat located 0.5cm under the skin. It can immediately destroy fat cells of selective areas without affecting skin tissues and blood vessels nearby.

Applied Areas

Ultrafocus Lux System is recommended…

-for the areas that are difficult to lose weight even with a healthy diet and exercise, especially the thighs, love handles, and abdominals.

-if you want to avoid any surgical procedure to remove body fats.

-if you have difficulties getting back to your original body shape after pregnancy.

-if you are worried about visceral fat (fat in your organs).

-if you are stressed about subcutaneous fat in unwanted areas.