Korean Agnes Treatment Permanently Removes Soraya’s Acne!

Sorayah works in the beauty industry in the United States and came to Renovo Clinic to undergo Korean AGNES treatment to permanently get rid of her acne. AGNES is the latest treatment for acne in Korea and is very popular. It destroys individual problematic sebaceous glands that are prone to creating acne while leaving unhealthy glands untouched. The treatment is performed over a 2 day period. After undergoing a skin test a treatment plan was created for Sorayah after she met with her doctor.

Numbing cream was applied for 30 minutes and problem areas were manually drained with extraction. All pus, unwanted substances, and black heads were removed. It is the most labor intensive part of the treatment process and can take anywhere from a few minutes to 1.5 hours. Next, a vacuum was used to take away all dead skin cells and excess unwanted substances to prepare the face for the AGNES laser. Tiny electrical bursts of energy zap the diseased pores through a fine wire one at a time.

The results were immediate and after treatment, the diseased sebaceous glands could no longer produce oil that leads to more acne. A compulsory radiofrequency treatment was required the next day with a full face drainage to clear off the remaining debris from the initial treatment. It’s best to refrain from wearing makeup for up to 3 days following treatment. Sorayah looked amazing after her treatment and you can too! Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the AGNES treatment and how it can help you with your skin issues. Now is the time to eliminate ACNE forever.

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