BB Laser & Facial Rejuvenation With WeFancy

Youtube stars Xander & Haeppy from the Youtube channel “We Fancy” came through Seoul Guide Medical to us here at Renovo Clinic for their most recent skin treatment.  In the video, you can see Xander and Haeppy’s journey to brighter and more youthful looking skin! In the video, our BB Laser was showcased as well as our Facial Rejuvenation laser. Our Korean BB laser is the best overall one-day treatment laser without leaving your skin damaged. If there is any redness it lasts for under 24 hours. The laser works not by cutting the skin but actually working underneath it.

When you come into Renovo Skin Clinic you’ll first fill our a registration form. We have English translators available to you the entire time to assist you. If you have any makeup or anything at all on your skin you will need to go to the power room for self-cleaning. Before treatment, staff will thoroughly clean your face but if you’re undergoing a skin test or want to save time, self-cleaning is the way to go.

BB Laser: At the pinnacle of laser treatment technology, the BB laser treats a wide variety of skin problems.  It can be used to give you more radiant skin, a glowing complexion, eliminate brown spots, and minimize pores. Just like the effects of BB cream!

LLLT: Low-light red therapy works by having low wavelengths penetrate the skin. This treatment helps naturally jump start the process of tissue recovery through increased blood flow, collagen stimulation, and more. This treatment is not painful and does not produce any heat. When treatment is finished you will have special creams placed on your skin and you will be good to go!

South Koreans are well-known to have the best skin in Asia. Part of this is due to genetics but a lot of it is due to their skin regimens and the skin maintenance that they perform every year. Our patients come from all over the world to improve the appearance of their skin.

For many foreigners in and outside of Korea, one of their biggest worries when seeking treatment in a foreign country is the quality and safety of the procedures performed on them. Renovo Clinic has the latest technology available to assist you in getting the radiant, healthy, and younger looking skin that you deserve.

Another worry is that things will get “lost in translation”. With our clinic, those worries are alleviated as we have English-speaking staff that are ready and able to assist you with whatever you need.

Xander and Haeppy were totally satisfied with their results and received the same quality of customer service as all of our regular patients. Come visit us here at Renovo Skin Clinic Korea. Our English-speaking staff are available to assist you at any time.


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